Brogan O’Brien


August 13, 2017

Prince George, B.C.

Question 1: It’s the trade deadline 2015. Your rights get traded from the Kelowna Rockets to the PG Cougars. How did you react knowing that your rights had been traded to your hometown WHL team?

BO: It’s funny because it took a few hours for me to even learn the news. We were heading to a game (with the BCHL’s Prince George Spruce Kings) and I found out via Twitter. At first I really didn’t know how to react, but it all worked out and in hindsight I’m glad it happened. A few hours after the deal was done, Todd Harkins called me and we had an initial chat, and the great thing was is that we kept in regular contact. For the longest time I thought that I wanted to go to school and play college hockey, but I think after awhile my views started to change. I realized that I wanted a new start and to be able to still play in Prince George in my hometown made the decision easier for me to make. Todd said a lot of good things and really sold the program and I haven’t looked back since.

Question 2: What does it mean to you being a local boy to be a part of the first ever B.C. Division championship season?

BO: It’s a special feeling for sure. To be a part of history and for me to be able to come to the CN Centre many years after the fact and see that banner will always mean a lot to me. It’s the coolest feeling being able to bring a banner to my city and hopefully we will be able to bring another one this season. I realize that the season didn’t quite end the way we wanted it to, but nobody will be able to take away our accomplishments. We did something that no team in Prince George has ever done. Hopefully this success will only help further grow the franchise.

Question 3: Who’s the toughest player that you’ve had to go up against so far during your time in the WHL?

BO: In the playoffs two years ago I matched up a lot of the time against Mathew Barzal. He’s just a phenomenal player. He’s so talented and smart and just sees the ice so well. It’s very difficult to defend a player with that kind of skill-set. I’d say he’s the toughest player I’ve had to personally match up against.


Question 4: What is your guilty pleasure movie?

BO: I’ve always been a big fan of the Lion King. It might be one of my favorite movies ever if I’m honest. I may even know the words to some of the songs in the movie, haha.

Question 5: You have gained a reputation for being extremely laid back and slow to anger. So the final question is: What is something that makes you extremely angry or frustrated?

BO: This is easy! A certain teammate of mine (cough.. Josh Maser… cough..) will always throw his dirty under armour gear into my stall because he knows that it sets me off and drives me nuts. That is something that always, without fail gets me feeling angry.

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