Business Staff

Dakes, Taylor

Taylor Dakers – Director of Business

Waldie, Cole

Cole Waldie- Director, Broadcasting, Communications & Public Relations

Florell, Parker

 Parker Florell- Manager, Game Operations

 Profeit, Bev

 Bev Profeit – Administrative Assistant/Billet Coordinator

Patenaude, Kevin

Kevin Patenaude- Director, Ticket Sales 

Lukinchuk, Dylan

Dylan Lukinchuk – Business Executive

Lamb, Tanya

Tanya Lamb- Manager, Merchandise

Joan Website

Joan Hood- Manager, Finance  


Jess Website

Jessica Toth – Corporate Sponsorships

Medical Staff

Club Physician: Dr. Floyd Besserer

Club Dentist: Dr. J. Lopez (Skyline Dental)

Orthopedic Surgeon: Dr. Dave Nelson

Optometrist: Dr. Dale Dergousoff (Parker Optometry)

Chiropractor: Dr. K. Travis Morgan (Prince George Family Chiropractic)

Contact Requests

For Business and Sponsorship Inquiries, please contact:

Taylor Dakers

For Ticket Inquiries, please contact:

Kevin Patenaude (Ticket Sales)

For Game Night Inquires, please contact:

Parker Florell (Manager, Game Operations)

For Media Inquiries, please contact:

Cole Waldie (Director, Broadcasting, Communications & Public Relations)

General Questions

For any general questions, please contact our Cougars office at :

Phone: (250) 561-0783

Fax: (250) 561-0743


Social Media

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Twitter (@pgcougars)

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