Front Office


President /Alt. Governor/Owner: John Pateman

Governor/Owner: Greg Pocock

Owner: Dan Hamhuis

Owner: Eric Brewer

Owner: Raymond Fortier

Owner: Ernest Ouellet


General Manager: Mark Lamb

Head Coach: Richard Matvichuk

Associate Coach: Steve O’Rourke

Goalie Coach: Taylor Dakers

Athletic Therapist: Craig Hyslop

Equipment Manager/Athletic Trainer: Ramandeep (Chico) Dhanjal

Team Psychologist: Dr. Saul L. Miller

Power Skating Coach: Karen Kos

Scouting Director: Bob Simmonds

Scouts: Lyle Feser, Jason Gordon, Kirk McCuspey, Cole Todd, Dylan Franson, Billy Wilms


Vice President, Business: Andy Beesley

Manager of Broadcasting, Media & Team Services:  Fraser Rodgers

Manager, Game Operations & Promotions: Iain Scott

Manager, Corporate Sales: Gary Samis

Manager, Ticket Sales: Mark Goodwin

Account Executive: Caleb Wilson

Administrative Assistant/Billet Coordinator: Bev Profeit

Finance and Payroll: Joan Hood

Bus Driver, Team Photographer: Ralph Posteraro


Club Physician: Dr. Michael Smith

Club Dentist: Dr. W. Vansickle, Dr. J. Lopez, Dr. M. Perkovic (Skyline Dental)

Orthopedic Surgeon: Dr. Dave Nelson, Dr. Joe Costa

Physiotherapy: Vickie Laverdure (Physio North)

Chiropracter: Dean Rigler


For Business and Community Appearance Inquiries, please contact:

Andy Beesley (VP, Business)

For Sales and Sponsorship Inquiries, please contact:

Gary Samis (Manager, Corporate Sales)

For Ticket Inquiries, please contact:

Mark Goodwin(Ticket Sales)

For Game Night Inquires, please contact:

Iain Scott (Manager, Game Operations & Promotions)

For Media Inquiries, please contact:

Fraser Rodgers (Manager, Broadcasting, Media and Community Relations/Team Services)