General Cougars FAQs


When is the Cougars Den Store open?
The Cougars Den Store is open to the public Monday through Friday during regular office hours (9:00am-4:30pm). On game nights, fans can visit the Cougars Den Store as soon as the front doors open until the end of the second intermission.

How can I pay for purchases in The Cougars Den Store?
The Cougars Den Store accepts Cash, Interac, Visa, and MasterCard.

How can I get a ride on the Cougars Fanboni?
If you are already planning on attending a Cougars game, you can visit our Cougars Fanboni website here, where you can sign up and choose the game which you would like to ride. If selected, we will notify you where and when to meet our Cougars gameday staff.

When do the doors open on game nights?
Doors open one hour before face-off unless otherwise advertised.

How long are Cougars games played usually?
Games usually run for approximately 2 ½ hours.

How do I get a birthday PA announcement played during the game?
Birthday packages are available through the Cougars office by phoning 250-561-0783 or emailing
Birthday packages include a PA announcement, Cougars birthday gift, and select merchandise and tickets at a discounted rate. You can also sign-up for a Cougars’ birthday announcement here.

How can I be chosen to participate in a promotion/contest during a Cougars game?
Our contestants are either pre-selected or chosen at random throughout the game. Watch for our promotions team or our In-Stand Host, who are always in the stands or on the concourse looking of our next contestant!

Can I purchase a message on the score clock?
Yes. Contact the Cougars office at 250-561-0783 for details.

How can I volunteer with the Prince George Cougars?
Please visit our page on the Cougars website here, where you can find more information on becoming a Cougars volunteer.

Are cameras allowed at the games?
Video cameras and professional stop-motion cameras are not permitted without obtaining an official Cougars media pass. Personal stop-motion cameras are permitted, although any pictures you take may not be sold or distributed for profit. Please refrain from using a flash.

Can the Cougars donate a prize for my special event or fundraiser?
Due to the large volume of donation requests we receive, the Prince George Cougars have established a procedure through which businesses and organizations can apply.
*Donation requests must be from businesses and organizations located within Northern British Columbia.
*Please limit request to once per season.
*Applications must be accompanied by an official Donation Request Form, (from our website, click COMMUNITY and then REQUEST FORMS to access the form).
*All completed forms must be sent to with the subject line “Donation Request”, or applications may also be faxed to the Cougars office at 250-561-0743 or mailed to #102-2187 Ospika Blvd. S., Prince George, BC V2N 6Z1
*If accepted, all donations must be picked up from the Cougars office – we will not mail/deliver donations.

Can my team skate in the intermission game?
Yes! We require a minimum of 40 tickets purchases for this opportunity. Please call 250-561-0783 or email for more details.

How can my group hold the giant Canadian flag during the National Anthem before a Cougars game?
Please contact the Cougars office at 250-561-0783 or email for more details.

Where can I hear a Cougars game broadcast?
All Cougars regular season and playoff games can be heard with Fraser Rodgers, voice of the Prince George Cougars, on 94.3 The Goat, through their website here or you can also connect through our website by clicking on the 94.3 The Goat logo on the right hand side. All games can be viewed via WHL WebTV on Home game highlights are available on the Cougars website within four hours of the game’s end here.

Where does the team practice? Can the public attend?
Generally the Cougars practice at the CN Centre, although this varies when the CN Centre is hosting concerts or other events. Most practices at the CN Centre are open to the public and on non-game days generally begin around 9:15am. Fore more information on team practices, please phone Cougars office at 250-561-0783.

Is there a contact for items that are lost at the CN Centre during Cougars games?
Items found on game nights are taken directly to the CN Centre Administration Office. Please contact them at 250-561-7777 for more information.

Why do the Cougars always schedule back-to-back games against the same teams?
Any of our games that are played outside BC are scheduled by the League. We schedule our remaining games ourselves at a League meeting held each July. Our schedule is always a compromise. If we want other teams to cooperate and allow us to string a number of games together for a road trip, the we must extend the same courtesy to them by allowing them to come up to Prince George and play two games in a row.

Who chooses what food is offered at the CN Centre?
Currently, the building has a contract with a food services company by the name of Eurest. As the Cougars do not receive any money from food and beverage sales, we have very little say in how they operate, the menus items they offer, or the prices they charge. We have found in the past that Eurest is very happy to cooperate with our fans. If there is something you would like them to consider selling, or have any questions or comments, feel free to email our Vice President, Business at and he will pass your request on to the appropriate person.

Who is in charge of maintaining the CN Centre on Cougars game nights?
The CN Centre is owned by the City of Prince George. We lease it out on our game nights, but the City is still responsible for maintenance. If you are at one of our games, and see a problem, please find one of our friendly volunteers and they will radio the City’s crew to get the problem fixed. We also fill out CN Centre Repair Reports after each game, and provide the information to the City. If you see anything that needs their attention, let us know and we’ll pass on your concern.

Who is in charge of the parking at the CN Centre for Cougars game nights?
The parking for Cougars game nights at the CN Centre is operated by the City of Prince George. Please report any issues or concerns to the CN Centre office at 250-561-7599.