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Billet Application Form

The 2021-2022 WHL season is fast approaching, and the Prince George Cougars are now accepting applications for billet families.

Billet families are primarily responsible for housing and feeding players while they are in Prince George during the hockey season. In exchange, families will be compensated financially on a monthly basis, as well as two (2) season memberships per player billeted.

The billet-player relationship is a very special bond, and it is the goal of our billet program to enable billets and players to create positive memories that last well beyond their playing days in Prince George.

“As a young 16-year-old coming to Prince George and living with the Aubichon family, it was a wonderful environment for me to grow up and to play hockey in,” said Prince George Cougars alumni and shareholder Eric Brewer. “I believe that Prince George is a great place for young kids to play, and families should be very comfortable with the environment that their kids are going to be in.”

“Supportive billet families are a big part of team success,” added Prince George Cougars alumni and shareholder Dan Hamhuis. “It’s tough being away from home at that age, and great billets allow players to enjoy their time and experience in Prince George.”

Join our family today, become a billet family. For more information, call the Cougars office at (250) 561-0783, or email