Be honest, you’ve thought about it.

You’ve watched a zamboni circle the ice surface and thought: “How cool would it be to ride one of those?”

During the first and second intermissions at select Cougars games, fans will have the opportunity to ride the FANBONI and experience a Prince George Cougars game like never before. You will also see the Cougars FANBONI at various community events including: parades, festivals, tournaments and charitable causes.

“This is yet another prime example of the Prince George Cougars and the New Ice Age continually keeping our fans guessing and wanting more,” said Prince George Cougars Vice President, Business Andy Beesley. “Our games are about so much more than just 60 (or more) minutes of actual game play and our fans are going to be amazed by our new FANBONI, which is the first of its kind to ever be used at a Prince George Cougars home game.”

Please fill out the following form to request a date on the Cougars Fanboni. Our Cougars staff will get a hold of you to let you know if a spot is available.

Cougars Fanboni

Please fill out this form to ride the Cougars Fanboni.

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