Team Awards

Team Awards

Prior to the end of the 2014-15 season, the Prince George Cougars ownership group unveiled eight brand new awards which were designed to recognise prominent Cougars alumni/community supporters who forever left their mark on the organization. Below is the list of winners from each of the past three seasons.



Dan Hamhuis Award – Most Valuable Player

2016-2017- Brendan Guhle
2015-2016- Chase Witala
2014-2015- Jansen Harkins


Eric Brewer Award – Defensive Player of the Year

2016-2017- Sam Ruopp
2015-2016- Sam Ruopp
2014-2015- Sam Ruopp


Troy Bourke Award – Offensive Player of the Year

2016-2017- Jansen Harkins
2015-2016- Jesse Gabrielle
2014-2015- Zach Pochiro

Jeff Zorn Award

Dr. Jeff Zorn Award – Scholastic Player of the Year

2016-2017- Ryan Schoettler
2015-2016- Justin Almeida
2014-2015- Shane Collins

Brett Connoly Award

Brett Connolly Award – Rookie of the Year Award

2016-2017- Ryan Schoettler
2015-2016- Brogan O’Brien
2014-2015- Jared Bethune

Chris Mason

Chris Mason Award – 3 Stars Selection Award

2016-2017- Ty Edmonds
2015-2016- Ty Edmonds/Chase Witala
2014-2015- Ty Edmonds

Dorothy Johnson

Dorothy Johnson Memorial Award – Fan Favorite Award

2016-2017- Jesse Gabrielle
2015-2016- Jesse Gabrielle
2014-2015- Chase Witala

Michael Fogolin

Michael Fogolin Memorial Award – Players Choice Award

2016-2017- Ty Edmonds
2015-2016- Sam Ruopp
2014-2015- Tyler Mrkonjic

Below are the winners from the previous 20 seasons:

Most Valuable Player

2013-2014- Todd Fiddler
2012-2013- Troy Bourke
2011/2012- Drew Owsley
2010/2011- Brett Connolly
2009/2010- Alex Rodgers
2008/2009- Brett Connolly
2007/2008- Greg Gardner
2006/2007- Devin Setoguchi
2005/2006- Eric Hunter
2004/2005- Dustin Byfuglien
2003/2004- Myles Zimmer & Brett Dickie
2002/2003- Dan Baum
2001/2002- Dan Hamhuis
2000/2001- Christian Chartier
1999/2000- Trent Hunter
1998/1999- Garry Toor
1997/1998- Quinn Hancock
1996/1997- Joel Kwiatkowskii
1995/1996- Chris Mason

Rookie of the Year

2013-2014- Ty Edmonds
2012/2013- Zach Pochiro
2011/2012- Alex Forsberg
2010/2011- Martin Marincin
2009/2010- Jesse Forsberg
2008/2009- Brett Connolly
2007/2008- Parker Stanfield
2006/2007- Dale Hunt
2005/2006- Dana Tyrell
2004/2005- Real Cyr
2003/2004- Justin Pogge
2002/2003- Eric Hunter
2001/2002- Tyler Redenbach & Bryn Brucks
2000/2001- Billy Thompson
1999/2000- Marty Maurice
1998/1999- Dan Hamhuis
1997/1998- Tyler Bouck
1996/1997- Blair Betts
1995/1996- Eric Brewer
1994/1995- Chris Mason

Most Dedicated Player

2013-2014- Troy Bourke
2012/2013- Daniel Gibb
2011/2012- Daniel Gibb
2010/2011- Jesse Forsberg
2009/2010- Garrett Thiessen
2008/2009- Marek Viedensky & Cody Hobbs
2007/2008- Dana Tyrell
2006/2007- Greg Gardner
2005/2006- Scott Bowles
2004/2005- Curtis Cooper
2003/2004- Curtis Cooper
2002/2003- Blake Robson
2001/2002- Tim Wedderburn
2000/2001- Dan Hamhuis
1999/2000- Blair Betts
1998/1999- Tyler Bouck
1997/1998- Andrew Luciuk
1996/1997- Brad Mehalko
1995/1996- Clayton Catellier
1994/1995- Clayton Catellier  


Scholastic Player of the Year

2013-2014- Jansen Harkins
2012/2013- Raymond Grewal
2011/2012- Michael Mylchreest
2010/2011- Troy Bourke
2009/2010- Brocke Hirsche
2008/2009- Matt Cumming
2007/2008- Art Bidlevskii
2006/2007- Dana Tyrell
2005/2006- Dana Tyrell
2004/2005- Real Cyr
2003/2004- Greg Gardner
2002/2003- Myles Zimmer
2001/2002- Jonathan Filewich
2000/2001- Chris Falloon
1999/2000- Dan Hamhuis
1998/1999- Dan Hamhuis
1997/1998- Owen Richey  
1996/1997- Rob Voltera
1995/1996- Eric Brewer
1994/1995- James Reimer 

Awards Banquet



The Prince George Cougars Hockey Club are proud to host our annual awards banquet as part of a new tradition with the new ice age.

“We are really excited to start this new tradition for our hockey team,” said Prince George Cougars General Manager, Todd Harkins. “We look forward to our fans and community supporters interacting with our players and staff in this type of setting and it should be an enjoyable day for all involved.”

The Prince George Cougars are proud to present the following awards each season to celebrate achievements throughout the year:


–       Dan Hamhuis Award (Most Valuable Player)

–       Eric Brewer Award (Defensive Player of the Year)

–       Troy Bourke Award (Offensive Player of the Year)

–       Dr. Jeff Zorn Award (Scholastic Player of the Year)

–       Brett Connolly Award (Rookie of the Year)

–       Chris Mason Award (3 Stars Selection Award)

–       Dorothy Johnson Memorial Award (Fan Favorite)

–       Michael Fogolin Memorial Award (Players Choice Award)